About us


Donna Prescott is a Master Cosmetologist. Salon Owner. Educator. Author. Visionary. Hair and Wig Company Creator, hailing from the island of St Lucia and moving to NY at the age of 16 years old full of dreams. She is a master at her craft. After working under beauty stylists since she began in 1998, Donna Prescott decided it was time to do her own thing. In 2012, she opened up Alter Image Salon, prepared to introduce everything she had learned in the hair and beauty industry to customers in Brooklyn, New York. With her family being involved in the salon business previously, Donna brought deep rooted ambition and experience along the way with her skills ranging from the application of wigs and hair extensions to hair cutting, hair coloring, natural hair services, hair care and treatment. Regularly attending advanced training courses, she is constantly evolving as a hair stylist. She has worked with valuable individuals in the hair industry. Aside from the art of hair and beauty itself, Donna gets the most gratification from the reaction of her clients — and this is why she is truly in this industry. Adding selling hair extensions as an another company keeps Donna right in line with what she is already good at.


This question is posed by many. I spent all of my adult years wearing different types of hair extensions and extensively researching and testing hair. No one knows from experience more than Donna how frustrating it can be purchasing hair that turns out to be trash or to have hair extensions that do not blend with your own. This is why we make sure we provide our customers with the highest quality of hair. We recognize that buying hair extensions could be a daunting process and that many customers are not fully educated on what raw is especially from the many different hair terminologies to who is selling legitimate products.

We choose to source our Temple Indian hair directly from India where it’s the people culture to donate their hair in the name of prayer for their God. It is very common for people in India to sacrifice their hair in return for prayers that have been answered by God. We do not sell Chinese hair. There is no third party and that way we are able to provide the highest quality human hair.


To provide our customers with the authentic and long lasting highest quality hair. We are confident that we are selling you the best hair.

 Contact us for more information at Info@donnaprescott.com Or For Any Hair Services Book us now.